Access Flooring

C2-0A 500 Raised Floor

Brand Name:         Parete

Product No.:          PRT-FS662, PRT-FS800,  PRT-FS1000

MOQ:                      10 m2

Unit Price:              25 USD/m2 to 80 USD/m2 (Decided by technical requirements)

Packing:                 About 500 m2 for 20 GP Container

Packing Style:       Parete Logo, Neutral,  OEM logo

Production time:  7 days to 30 days, 500m2, 10 days for one 20GP container

Delivery time:      Asian: 10 days, Middle East: 20 days, Africa:  30 days,

European: 30 days,  North American:  20 days;

South American: 30 days, Australia: 15 days; Russia: 30 days

Payment terms:   T/T, L/C

Supply Ability:       100,000 m2 per month

Steel Bare finish raised floor for office application (OA-C2)-Steel Raised Floor with independent support

Product description

Office steel raised access floor is specifically designed for office buildings is convenient for cabling and wiring. The independent support system is easy for installation. The pedestal can be aluminum cast pedestal or steel form pedestal with PVC gasket.

Product advantages:

1. Made of steel plate, high mechanical strength, high loading capacity, good fire resistance.

2. Epoxy power painting on the surface, matt and soft, wear resistant and anti-corrosion.

3. Covering is glued under high pressure.  Multiple choices and well-decorated surface. Wear resistant and anti-scratch, excellent electrical conductivity, anti-pollution and easy cleaning.

4. High dimensional accuracy,  interchangeable, flexible assembly, easy maintenance.

5. Products can be upgraded or adjusted according to the loading requirements.


  • Airport
  • Call Centres
  • Cinema
  • Control Room
  • Education
  • Exhibition Centre
  • Hospital
  • Hotel
  • Office Area
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Youth Centre
  • Public Buildings
  • Residential