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Sicher Passenger Elevators

The Mission of Fitman Materials is working constantly and with high accuracy to understand the demands of modern urbanization and provide solutions, which support the vertical transportation of individuals with excellent products and bring passengers safely, efficiently and comfortably to their destination.

SICHER passenger elevators start in design, development, and technology. Our engineers excavated deeply the possibilities of safety, efficiency, and comfort to create outstanding products and technical solutions. All our efforts have the only purpose to satisfy our valued customers and passengers and give them the best impression and valuable joy.

We only one who has the authorized dealership of Sicher elevator (germany) in lahore so feel free to ask any query regarding your needs about the elevator & escalators in lahore.

SICHER provides superior passenger elevators for commercial and hotel buildings which meet the high requirements of business environments:

1. Generous by higher cabin and wider doors.
2. Elegant with a fine choice of interior designs.
3. Comfortable due to advanced layout and components.
4. Effective by outstanding multiple elevator control features.


  • Small Machine Room Elevators
  • Control & Drive
  • Generous by Enhanced Space
  • LED Lighting
  • Power Generation
  • Cabin Position Control
  • ARD & Emergency Light
  • Intercom
lift front door

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