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Framing Systems

Downer DCS021 – Omega and Zed

Sizes: 25mm & 40mm

Ideal for: Cost-effective alternative to timber battens, providing a non-combustible framework

An aluminum framing system Downer DCS021 can be attached directly to the substrate. Sizes 25mm & 40mm which can be installed in single layer & cross battened layer formats.

Downer DCS031 – Helping hand

Cavity depth range: 65mm to 425mm

Ideal for: Low to medium height buildings with solid masonry or stud frame walls

The aluminum subframe system offering rapid installation and reduced costs, the Downer system incorporates HELPING HAND® wall brackets fixed back to the substrate. Combined with a tee and angle carrier rails these provide the user with an adjustable system allowing for thermal and structural movement and variation in cavity depth ranging between 65mm-425mm. The system is ideal for low to medium height buildings with solid masonry or stud frame walls.

Downer DCS041 – Floor Spanning

Cavity depth range: 93 – 220mm – larger to special order

Ideal for: Multi-story buildings

Designed to be specifically fixed to floor slabs, this high strength adjustable support system is capable of spanning story heights without the need to introduce intermediate fixings. Due to the enhanced high wind resistance, this application is particularly utilized for multi-story buildings.

Downer DCS002 & DCS004 – Secret fix cladding

Ideal for: Delivering a smooth facade unobstructed by visible fixings

Where specifications dictate a smooth facade unobstructed by visible fixings the Downer DCS002 & DCS004 mechanical secret fix systems can be used. Panels hangers fixed to the rear face of the panels hook on to horizontal cladding rails, which in turn may be integrated with one of our vertical carrier rail systems Downer DCS 021, 031 & 041.

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