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Sicher Escalator

SICHER is focused on perfect solutions to urban traffic. With cutting-edge technologies, innovative functions and outstanding design philosophy. SICHER escalators are the perfect solution to transport in shopping malls, hotels, airports, public places, bridges and many more. We improve our advanced manufacturing technologies and quality assurance (QA) systems in an ongoing process to assure the best safety, reliability and life expectancy.

SICHER takes ongoing special efforts and investment in engineering, design, components, and production to meet the highest requirements for outstanding escalators for use in outdoor condition or extended travel height. Our escalators are reliable in duty, in humid and rainy weather, freezing areas with ice and snow, desert conditions with sand and all of them normally with high traffic load.

Under any condition, our products carry passengers safely, quietly and comfortably. Customers and operators appreciate our products reliability, durability, and low energy consumption.

The extended travel height of 10 m is widely used in subways, railway stations, airports in combination with high traffic load.

SICHER escalators are the best choice for high scale public transportation in modern urbanizations.

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