Road & Safety


Fitman Materials is proud to offer its high quality and competitive GEO Net, PP and HDPE.

GEO Net, PP, and HDPE can be used as a kind of filling layers for stabilization, detritus separation, horizontal drainage cushion, underwater drainage constructors and slope road protection structure in building roads, railway, ports, airports, mining, and hydro-power engineering projects.


  • It reinforces old asphalt concrete road surface and asphalt layer and prevents damage
  • It is used for rebuilding cement concrete road surface into the composite road surface and restraining reflection caused by block contraction.
  • It is used in road expansion and improvement project and crack caused by old and new combination position and uneven sedimentation.
  • It is used in soft soil base reinforcement treatment, is favorable for soft soil water separation and concretion, restrains sedimentation effectively, distributes stress uniformly and improves the overall strength of road base.
  • It is used for preventing contraction crack caused by new road semi-rigid base layer and reinforces and prevents road surface crack caused by foundation crack reflection.