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Standing seam roof & cladding system

The SpeedZip® standing seam roofing system is a ‘Zip Up’ roofing solution involving mechanically seaming a profiled side lap over a halter support system. Standing seam built up systems have been used throughout the construction industry for many decades providing a continuous weather-tight roof with no end laps, and no exposed pierce fixings, thereby creating a roof or facade system offering outstanding performance, aesthetics and limitless design solutions.


Built up roofing and cladding systems have been used extensively throughout the industry for many decades offering a bespoke, lightweight, high-quality acoustic and quick to install roofing and cladding solution to commercial, industrial, educational, PFI, MOD, Prison Service, and agricultural construction market sectors.

  • Bespoke systems can be tailored to each project performance design brief for new build or refurbishment projects from:
  • Single skin solutions for cold roof or flat to pitch over roofing refurbishment systems
  • Complex acoustic reverberation or sound attenuation design requirements for leisure or school roofing & cladding systems
  • Flexible and creative roof shapes from barrel vaulted, waveform, tapered, or ‘hockey stick’ shapes
  • Prison Service Schemes where additional security mesh and plywood layers can be introduced.
  • All systems with U Values as low as 0.05 W/m2K and a range of differing materials and finishes

Available profiles & formats308* / 408 / 508* Profiles (* subject to minimum order quantities)Seam height 65mmStraight Low Pitched Roofs down to 1.5 degreesCurved and waveform shapes in self-curved, smooth curved, or crimp curved formats to suit all barrelled vaulted, ‘hockey-stick’ or waveform complex shapes with no requirement for unsightly micro-ribbing between the main ribs in the panTapered and radial bespoke sizesPerforated SpeedZip® cladding sheets for bespoke rainscreen systems for new build or refurbishment of hotel and car parking projects Materials and finishesAvailable Material, Gauges & Finishes:Aluminium – 0.9mm & 1.2mmStucco Embossed, ARS, and PVdF or PVF2 finishesSteel – 0.6mm & 0.7mmLeathergrain Plastisol, HPS200 Ultra, Colourcoat Prisma finishesAll materials and finishes available in a full range of coloursWe are firmly committed to provide the highest quality products, using prime and true gauge materials to ensure the performance of all of our systems SystemsAvailable engineered built up SpeedZip® standing seam metal roofing & cladding systems for New Build, Modular or Volumetric and Refurbishment projects:Over purlin liner systems both perforated and non-perforatedLong spanning structural decking or tray systemsPlywood deck / liner systemsHigh humidity roof systems for swimming pool projectsHigh Security roof systems for MOD & Prison Service projectsFlat to pitch / flat to curved refurbishment systemsOver-roofing refurbishment systemsSoundRoof acoustic sensitive systems for sound reverberation or absorption and acoustic attenuation for leisure and educational projectsU-Values as low as 0.05 W/m2KLiving Roof Green Roof Solution


With a vast arrange of materials, colours, and finishes SpeedZip® provides a sleek and elegant effect with the use of the innovative ‘Zip Up’ halter clip. The built-up lightweight SpeedZip® is an ideal metal roofing and cladding system for both new build and refurbishment projects offering outstanding performance, durability and low maintenance for low pitched, curved or complex tapered roofing.

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