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A cost-effective and attractive metal rainscreen cladding panel

LokFacade has been designed to provide a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing cladding solution for soffits, fascias, canopies and external walls.

Available in a standard width of 300mm, LokFacade can also be supplied in an almost limitless range of non-standard widths from 120 to 445mm and provides a cost-effective solution for both newbuild and refurbishment projects. LokFacade is available with two basic formats, designed to fit either flush or with a shadow line, which can be interchanged to create a number of aesthetically pleasing designs.

In addition to the standard profiles, LokFacade is also available with a micro-ribbed profile, which provides a very pleasing appearance as well as helping to avoid deformation of the profile when using lighter materials. Micro-ribbed is available on both flush and shadow line finish. A feature of LokFacade is the very simple installation procedure, directly to the structure of the building. The first panel is fixed in place to the substrate. Subsequent panels are then simply pushed into place together with mineral fiber insulation in the void behind the exterior facade depending on thermal requirements. The trailing edge of the panel is then fixed in place before adding the next panel, providing a secret fixed solution which is as simple and speedy to install as it is easy on the eye. Installation is completed by a flashing which covers the remaining fixings at the extremities. Max panel length
Panel length on the standard 300 profile is limited only by site handling considerations – typically up to 12m – while non-standard profiles are available in lengths up to 3m. Available surface finishesSteel: Plain galvanized, Plastisol, PVDF, NovaAluminium: Mill finish, ARS, PVDF

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