Swiss Pearl

Swiss Pearl

Leading fibre cement composite rainscreen cladding panels

Swisspearl® is one of the leading European manufacturer of fibre cement composite facade systems for quality, high-end architecture.

Worldwide leaders in colouration technology, facade ‘know-how’ and system competence for reinforced fibre cement panels specially designed for rain-screen cladding applications. Swisspearl® panels are available via Omnis By System’ throughout Great Britain.

The appealing conceptual possibilities of a wide range of products, aspects and colours and the reliable long lasting facade solutions are famous in Europe, where more than 15 million m2 of cement composite facade products have been delivered since 1990.

Choice and flexibility

Available in a large panel format to ensure cost effectiveness. Extremely reliant, this advanced cladding solution has been carefully developed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

Swisspearl® is the natural choice whether you would like a material which is completely unique and contemporary, or a look which blends with its environment. Swisspearl® will allow you to achieve exactly what you have in mind – boasting an impressive colour palette, ranging from through coloured boards, an iridescent surface, translucent and opaque coatings, to visible cement textures. When combined with our own framing solutions, the possibilities are truly endless.

Premium quality facade systems for high-end architecture. 


A2 s1, d0 fire rating, limited combustibility

Easy to clean and maintain

Weather resistant

Easy to install using our range of framing solutions

Impact resistant

Graffiti and pollution resistant

No efflorescence

Excellent colour fastness

Fully sealed panel


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