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Tartan Grid

Fully Flexible ceiling solutions

The Burgess By System’ Tartan Grid System provides a fully flexible ceiling system to suit most ceiling grid modules.

Tiles are supplied either plain or in a variety of perforated patterns, and are supported by plain trim strips, which run in both directions to form a tartan pattern.

Tiles can be supplied with a reinforced central lighting aperture if required.

The trim strips are secured to plain crossing boxes (standard size 100 x 100mm) at each corner of the tile, which are supported to the structural soffit by threaded suspension rod.


  • Available in a range of modules for use with a 100×100 crossing box
  • Exposed beams in two directions
  • Infill beams supported from the crossing box provide support for lay-on ceiling panels
  • Lay-on ceiling panels easily removed to access plenum


  • Airport
  • Laboratory
  • Office Area
  • Retail