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The original secret fix standing seam metal roofing system

The double interlocking ribs and clips ensure strength and watertight integrity. In the 40 years since inception SpeedDeck secret fix roofing has become a worldwide proven system that offers fast, simple installation, with excellent performance and design flexibility.

Secret fix standing seam built up systems has been used throughout the construction industry for many decades, maintaining a straight-forward to design, straight-forward to install principle to provide a continuous weather-tight roof with no end laps. In addition, there are no exposed pierce fixings, therefore creating a simple strong roof or facade system offering outstanding performance and total versatility.

Profiles & Formats

510mm Profile width with main ribs at 255mm centers

Seam height 45mm

Straight Low Pitched Roofs down to 1.5 degrees

Curved and waveform shapes in self-curved, smooth curved, or crimp curved formats to suit all barrelled vaulted, ‘hockey-stick’ or waveform complex shapes.

 Benefits compared to ‘Zip-Up’ systemsSpeedDeck’s efficiencies through design, manufacture, and installation compared to ‘Zip-Up’ systems:
510mm profile cover width ensures: 20% more product manufactured in the same timescale and 20% quicker to install on-site
45mm rib or seam height provides: Slim, crisp and sharp perimeter details and 20mm material savings on the cost of perimeter flashings
50% more SpeedDeck Profile on a standard delivery vehicle due to profile efficiency: Reduces the number of deliveries to site and reduction in carbon emissions
No requirement for secondary ‘zipping up’ or mechanical seaming of the profile during installation·  Saves time on installation: Reducing cost·  255mm crown to crown dimensions provides additional strength for walkability: Designed to be walked on during installation and ensures crisp formation of waveform, ‘hockey stick’ or curved barrel vaulted roof shapes· Fewer perimeter components: Quicker to install and material and delivery savings

Material, Gauges & Finishes

Aluminium – 0.9mm & 1.2mm
Stucco Embossed, ARS, and PVdF or PVF2 finishes.
Steel – 0.6mm & 0.7mm
Leathergrain Plastisol, HPS200 Ultra, Colorcoat Prisma finishes
All materials and finishes are available in a full range of colours. We are firmly committed to providing the highest quality products, using prime and true gauge materials to ensure the performance of all of our systems. Systems tailored to your project Bespoke systems can be tailored to meet your needs for your new build, modular or refurbishment projects:Over purlin liner systems both perforated and non-perforatedLong spanning structural decking or tray systemsPlywood systemsHigh humidity roof systems for swimming pool projectsHigh security roof systems for MOD & Prison Service projects Flat to pitch / flat to curved conversion refurbishment systems Over-roofing refurbishment systemsSoundRoof acoustic sensitive systems for sound reverberation or absorption and acoustic attenuation for leisure and school metal roofing projects-Values as low as 0.10W/m2KLiving Roof Green Roof SolutionPV (Photovoltaic) or Solar Systems


With over 40 years of pedigree and experience the SpeedDeck® secret fix standing seam metal roof system continues to offer:

Outstanding performance

Walkable, slim, contemporary and ‘cutting edge’ solutions

Achieves straight, curved, barrel vaulted and waveform roof shape

Supplied in aluminum or steel with a vast range of colours and finishes, SpeedDeck® provides the perfect flexible solution for any designer with its ‘simple to design’ principle and for the contractor ‘simple to install’ ethos. With fewer perimeter components, slimmer verges, wider cover width, and a simple clip system with no additional zipping up or mechanical seaming, the SpeedDeck® saves money and time and reduces the carbon footprint compared to any ‘Zip-Up’ standing seam system.

SpeedDeck® secret fix systems have been used extensively throughout the industry for many decades offering bespoke, lightweight, high quality, acoustic and quick to install roofing and cladding solutions to commercial, industrial, educational, PFI, MOD, Prison Service, PFI in the new build and refurbishment construction market sectors.


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