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Modern acoustic tile with design appeal

Metroboard Edge provides the finishing touch to Metroboard’s Line Circle or Square patterns. Metroboard Edge is a bright, white, painted gypsum plasterboard tile which removes the need for cutting through perforations on site.

Metroboard Edge can be used in conjunction with all perforated tiles, to form stunning design patterns and features. Made from the same robust, dense gypsum core as other Metroboard products, with the same edge profiles and dimensions, Metroboard Edge enables seamless transitions to be created, whilst retaining durability.


  • Precisely engineered perforated or plain finishes
  • Robust, tough plasterboard tiles
  • Unlimited accessibility, with a wide choice of design possibilities
  • Factory applied acoustic fleece for high acoustic performance
  • Economical
  • Bright white finish – high light reflectance
  • Attractive wipeable finish option
  • Class O fire properties
  • Range of size and edge options available
  • Applications
  • Call Centre
  • Cinema
  • Theatre
  • Exhibition Centre
  • Office Area
  • Youth Centre